• 1 VM-Storage in each M-Processing
  • Identification of the storage server with URL and HOSTNAME
  • The storage is mounted per samba on all VM-Processing in ./storage/
  • Dynamic connection of one instance of VM-Storage to one M-Web
    • As soon as a user starts an upload, he will be associated with the current M-Web by a session variable
    • As long as there are files in ./storage/temporary/, VM-Storage is pinned to M-Web
    • Nginx on VM-Nginx forwards the URL to the upload API directly to one instance of VM-Web on the associated M-Web
    • A script takes care of the load balancing of all instances of VM-Storage
  • Authentification
    • User: Cookie (all VM-Web have to synchronize their cookies)


  • Samba server


  • File storage server for intermediate storage of the uploaded files
  • For further details, see Specification