db rebuild / .env update needed

Added by Alexander Blum 6 months ago

  • The missing views for the licensing db models have been added
  • A new .env var TRYTON_DEMODATA_DEBUG has been added to be able to control the amount of created demodata without changing the repository files. 0 means all data, 1 means about 1 object for each model, etc
  • The trytond tests for the module collecting_society (views, depends, scenario doctest of collecting_society/tests/scenario_collecting_society.rst) have been added to the ./scripts/test script and are now covered by jenkins as well. They might now also be run via docker-compose run --rm erpserver execute run-tests erpserver

Docker Container for EchoPrint Server

Added by Thomas Mielke 8 months ago

We now have a Docker Container for the EchoPrint Server: Please have a look at the .env.example file and add ECHOPRINT_* environment variables. Also add the four new entries in the [echoprint] section of the collecting_society_worker's config.ini. Then do a docker-compose build. Finally try scripts/test to see EchoPrint in action.


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