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collecting_society: Major Upgrade
Added by Alexander Blum almost 3 years ago

collecting_society: Repo Restructuring
Attention! The collecting_society repos have been subject to major restructuring (renaming of branches and files). Read on if you want to keep your local repos in line.
Added by Thomas Mielke over 3 years ago

collecting_society: DB Update Necessary ...
... because the LocationSpace model got a name field: https://github.com/C3S/collecting_society/commit/92ed0ac4a63a7584732bbf0dc5a11cd0cc3155bc#diff-4d0dfa13081e3abafdab0861463bb911R3132
Added by Thomas Mielke almost 4 years ago

collecting_society: container rebuild needed
Added by Alexander Blum over 4 years ago

collecting_society: db rebuild / .env update needed
Added by Alexander Blum over 4 years ago

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Latest projects

  • collecting_society (10/05/2019 08:10 PM)

    Repertoire management and licensing system -- if you want to help here, ask for an account

  • Translations mit pootle (03/12/2016 12:05 PM)

    wir haben eine pootle-instanz (webbasiertes übersetzungstool).

    dort können sich menschen anmelden und übersetzungen für verschiedenen projekte hinzufügen.