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collecting_society: Major Upgrade
Added by Alexander Blum 4 months ago

collecting_society: Repo Restructuring
Attention! The collecting_society repos have been subject to major restructuring (renaming of branches and files). Read on if you want to keep your local repos in line.
Added by Thomas Mielke 10 months ago

collecting_society: DB Update Necessary ...
... because the LocationSpace model got a name field: https://github.com/C3S/collecting_society/commit/92ed0ac4a63a7584732bbf0dc5a11cd0cc3155bc#diff-4d0dfa13081e3abafdab0861463bb911R3132
Added by Thomas Mielke over 1 year ago

collecting_society: container rebuild needed
Added by Alexander Blum almost 2 years ago

collecting_society: db rebuild / .env update needed
Added by Alexander Blum almost 2 years ago

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Latest projects

  • collecting_society (10/05/2019 08:10 PM)

    Repertoire management and licensing system -- if you want to help here, ask for an account

  • Translations mit pootle (03/12/2016 12:05 PM)

    wir haben eine pootle-instanz (webbasiertes übersetzungstool).

    dort können sich menschen anmelden und übersetzungen für verschiedenen projekte hinzufügen.