collecting_society: Repo Restructuring

Added by Thomas Mielke 6 months ago

In order to sync your local repos, for all collecting_society_* repos (+archiving, +portal) enter these commands to rename the current dev branch (form 'develop' to 'development'):

git branch -m develop development # <-- note: old name 'develop' may vary for certain repos
git fetch origin
git branch -u origin/development development
git remote set-head origin -a

Check that the repo actually was on branch 'develop'. The default branch of collecting_society_worker was actually 'master'. See to see the changes.

This is the complete list of affected repos:

  • collecting_society_docker
  • portal_web
  • collecting_society_worker
  • collecting_society_web
  • archiving
  • portal
  • collecting_society

echoprint-server is currently not affected to maintain the branches before the fork from Spotify.

Note that there has also been some renaming of scripts and config files.

A container rebuild is highly recommended.

If you run into any trouble, reach out to Alex or Thomas.

collecting_society: DB Update Necessary ...

Added by Thomas Mielke about 1 year ago

The LocationSpace model got a name field:

Location is now almost finished, including location spaces. Check out the menu item on the 'Licensee' tab.

What's missing is the contact mechanisms (I didn't figure out how to write the values) and Country/Subsection (as we don't have any in our database). Code review welcome:

collecting_society: db rebuild / .env update needed

Added by Alexander Blum over 1 year ago

  • The missing views for the licensing db models have been added
  • A new .env var TRYTON_DEMODATA_DEBUG has been added to be able to control the amount of created demodata without changing the repository files. 0 means all data, 1 means about 1 object for each model, etc
  • The trytond tests for the module collecting_society (views, depends, scenario doctest of collecting_society/tests/scenario_collecting_society.rst) have been added to the ./scripts/test script and are now covered by jenkins as well. They might now also be run via docker-compose run --rm erpserver execute run-tests erpserver

collecting_society: Docker Container for EchoPrint Server

Added by Thomas Mielke almost 2 years ago

We now have a Docker Container for the EchoPrint Server: Please have a look at the .env.example file and add ECHOPRINT_* environment variables. Also add the four new entries in the [echoprint] section of the collecting_society_worker's config.ini. Then do a docker-compose build. Finally try scripts/test to see EchoPrint in action.


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