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Can we drop the relation between contributions and roles?

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The CreationContributionRole is the field for tracking the instrument of contributions (composition/performance). Would it be enough to track the general "instrument" relation between a creation and an artist? This would mean, that we cannot distinguish anymore, if someone composed the guitar part and/or performed it, but it would definitley reduce the complexity of the gui. What would be the usecase, if that kind of distictions are neccessary?

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no, it is not possible to drop this information, as the distribution of money depends on it.

to be more precise, it's not important to known which instrument someone composed for, it would be totally sufficient to know who composed or wrote lyrics (even if it's multiple pleople).

for the interpretation, theoretically it's also not pressing to know the exact instrument, but it might actually become important, e.g., if only certain instrument tracks were used in a remix.

so the destiction between composition and performance is of absolute importance. the connection to instruments is only of relevance for performance rights.

if you suggest to leave out the instruments just for the next testing phase, that would be doable. but sooner or later we'd have to add them back again.

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