== Flowcharts ==

=== Portal ===

=== Creative ===

=== Adore ===

== Legend ==

=== Stickman ===

  • stickman: pyramid roles, essential roles in the system

=== Boxcontainers ===

  • big gray boxcontainers: controller, relates to file structure
  • small pink dotted boxcontainers: collection of actions belonging together, where the clickflow is not clear yet

=== Boxes ===

  • boxes: actions, a user can do; corresponds to a pyramid view
  • colored boxes: only accessibly by corresponding role (group based access control)
  • thick contoured boxes: entry points
  • orange boxes: navigation elements embedded in most pages
  • gray filled boxes: only static content
  • green filled boxes: plugin system, could for example be a main menu item containing 2nd lvl items from plugins
  • boxes with additional actions: actions, which redirect to the same view (e.g. filtering of lists, exports, etc.)

=== Arrows ===

  • arrows: clickflow on a high level
  • arrows originating from stickman: those actions should be accesible from any view
  • dashed arrows: action accesible by URL, but not by gui
  • dotted arrows: clickflow not clear yet