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Toggle check # Parent task Subject Tracker Status Priority Assignee Start date Due date % Done
963ptvsd not being installedWebfrontendNeuNormalAlexander Blum

937JSON Web TokensWebfrontendZurückgestelltNormal

871Add other track titles in add listsWebfrontendNeuNiedrig

865Auto-redirect after successful uploadWebfrontendNeuNormal

864bug in registration of frontend/backend resourceWebfrontendVermeintlich GelöstDringend

863Prevent multiclick on form controlsWebfrontendNeuNiedrig

861Add default contributions for artistsWebfrontendNeuNormal

860Rework foreign objects as duplicates onlyWebfrontendNeuDringend

859Make group mandatory for foreign artistsWebfrontendNeuDringend

855add ajax request for edit permission for foreing artistsWebfrontendNeuDringendWerkeverwaltung

833default or 'primary' artist to be created upon registration of an userWebfrontendNeuNormal

825Userfeedback #807Find better name for "Files"WebfrontendNeuNiedrigWerkeverwaltung

823Userfeedback #808missing details in show creationWebfrontendNeuHochWerkeverwaltung

820Userfeedback #808preview audio in Creation form -> ContentWebfrontendNeuNormalWerkeverwaltung

819Userfeedback #808show creation: recognize linefeeds in lyricsWebfrontendNeuNiedrigAlexander Blum

817Userfeedback #808default collecting society in creation contributionWebfrontendNeuNiedrigWerkeverwaltung

812Userfeedback #763pre-sorting artists for contributionsWebfrontendNeuNiedrig

811Userfeedback #808Creation: change contribution guiWebfrontendFeedbackDringendThomas Mielke

758Make frontend work with the proxy data on to display representatives etc.WebfrontendNeuNiedrig

753Artists: validate new groupsWebfrontendNeuNormal

737Adjust the model wrappersWebfrontendNeuNiedrig

725Delete orphaned foreign objectsWebfrontendNeuNiedrig

724Split Release: at least one own artistWebfrontendNeuNiedrig

722Artists: add number of contributions to show viewWebfrontendNeuNiedrig

720Security auditionWebfrontendNeuNormal

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